Do I Have a Case?

car accident

When you call, we will evaluate your case to determine whether or not we think your case has merit and if it is one of the types of cases we handle. We do not charge anything for the first telephone interview to make an initial evaluation. Usually, it takes more of a thorough “work up” and investigation to really be sure a case is good. Often cases that look good to the client have serious problems the client doesn’t realize, or cases we think look good develop problems, such as:

  • the party at fault has no insurance
  • your doctor doesn’t want to get “involved” or go to court
  • your doctor won’t issue a report saying you have any serious damages
  • your doctor doesn’t want to get “involved” or go to court
  • you gave a statement to the adjuster that, unknown to you, seriously weakened your case the client letting time limits go by
  • no one got the names of the witnesses
  • your doctor won’t write us a report saying you suffered any serious injuries
  • you repaired your car without first taking pictures to show the angle of collision and how hard the impact was
  • the long skid marks are now gone and no pictures were taken

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible after a serious car wreck. If you are unable to leave the hospital or come to us, contact us and we’ll come to you.

  • Don’t let time limits go by!
  • Contact eyewitnesses before the insurance company does.
  • If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene, noting angles of contact.

Time Limit to Sue

In Louisiana, you must file suit on an auto wreck or other personal injury case within one year of the date of the accident. It is not an acceptable defense if you let the year run out based on representations made to you by the adjuster that he is “going to” settle with you soon.

» How Much Money Will I Get?

Many lawyers try to secure clients who call by tossing out large figures called “highballs” in order to impress the client and sign him/her up.  We don’t do that because there is really no way an attorney can really tell you at the start how much he is going to recover.

A true case assessment can only be made after the case has been studied and the defenses analyzed. How much a case is worth depends on many factors, such as:

1.) the applicable law

2.) your doctor’s opinion about how badly you are hurt; will he back you up?

3.) will you have permanent disablity, and is it something a jury can see?

4.) is liability clear (who is at fault), and

5.) is there enough insurance or assets available for a full recovery.

The opinions and support of your treating doctors are a critical aspect of your case and your recovery depends on how much they support you.

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